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Valdemar flying the RiskVille flag

Our intern, Valdemar Hundeboll, has found time for some golf in between his Cyber studying and RiskVille internship.

Heading into his first full season as non-junior amateur golfer, Valdemar warmed up with good friends in Eagle Landing in Florida, and also stopped by amazing Congaree as well as a short stop by coach Gary Nicol at Archerfield. Thank you all for your support and for bringing some joy and confidence back into Valdemar’s golf.

First tournaments of the season were the Western Ireland Open and Welsh Open. The season on home soil in Denmark has now started, after a long winter, and it was nice for Valdemar this weekend to help his home club Silkeborg clinching a victory in the topflight national division, by winning the last single on the last green against a DP World Tour player. We look forward to see Valdemar flying the RiskVille and GoInsure flag in future events.

Scene from West Ireland open above, where Valdemar had the please of playing the first two days with two Irish Internationals gentlemen. Valdemar made in into knock out stages, but then lost in tough weather conditions.

Below a picture of the nice looking leaderboard at Welsh Open. Sadly, Valdemar fell away from top of the leaderboard following days, due to some very uncharacteristic wayward and costly tee shots, only to discover AFTER the tournament that the clubface was cracked.

Above from Congaree Foundation student hall. It is wonderful to see how The Friedkin Group and CONGAREE FOUNDATION supports young (golf) talents like Valdemar, by providing them help and guidance towards education and/or golf.

Below having fun with the crazy gang of friends at Eagle Landing, Florida 😊

Looking forward to future events with our golf mascot and ambassador