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Including 13 new features and improvements, release #74 was deployed to our MS Azure servers on the evening of October 10th. Info about the update has been sent to all registered superusers of RiskVille. If you, as a RiskVille user. Should you wish to be added to the receiver list of such information mails, please email us at support@riskville.com In short, some of the included improvements in this latest release are:

  • New generic script to automated workflows. This script can be tailored to specific actions on data related to the context in data, like client-segmentation, insurance product, current step in workflow and more.. Contact RiskVille support if you have a specific request for this script in a certain context.
  • Improved UI for building email phrases under localization. This also includes 4 new merge fields for mails.
  • New search feature in user admin.
  • Improved import feature for contacts.
  • Improved preview feature for uploaded documents.

Should you have any questions about news in release #74 please reach out to support@riskville.com