Cloud Solution for Risk and Insurance Management

RiskVille can help you automate core routine tasks within policy, claims and risk management

RiskVille is a cloud based solution designed for any type of insurance business

Manage your day-to-day operations including customer relationships, claims, policies and risks in one system

RiskVille is the right fit if you need to ...

Automate operations

We understand your business and know how important it is to see not only the whole picture of the business results but also to carry out carefully and accurately daily operations. Free up your people from doing monkey job and let RiskVille automate their routine.

Be compliant

We all have audits and want to meet auditors with the smile feeling secure and compliant. Improve compliance by making audit processes more straightforward. RiskVille is GDPR compliant and hosted on the safe and secure Microsoft Azure platform ensures safety and security for your data and processes.

Get more happy clients

Your clients are like you and us. They expect to be served quickly and professionally. You can exceed their expectations by providing access to policies and claims via a simple online interface or friendly remind them about renewals

RiskVille Features

360 Customer View

Create unified profiles that keep all the customer data, including demographics, contacts, documents, and policies. Get a holistic view of historical and behavioral data like email interactions.

Rating, Quoting and Billing

Conduct rate analysis and pricing for any insurance product, standardize quotes, calculate premiums, and taxes. Manage underwriting rules by following information on possible risks and threats.

Certificates Issuance

Upon the holder’s request, provide quick verification of the policy existence by allowing a holder to get a certificate of insurance (COI) online. The certificate can be printed directly from RiskVille.

Customer Portal

Utilize RiskVille as a portal for sharing data and documents with your clients. RiskVille Customer Portal allows policyholders to edit contact information, view details of their quotes and policies, add assets, submit and track claims.

Policy Management

Get standard policy templates that can be issued upon binding. Create policies with different risk coverage and compliance, check policies, monitor renewals, prepare reports, renew policies automatically.

Risk Management

Use a comprehensive set of tools for risk management, including risk monitoring, identification, assessment, and reporting. Calculate risks for all types of assets and allocate the relevant premiums.

Claims Management

All customers have access to report claims online. Report forms can be customized according to your specific needs. Get notifications about incoming claims to always be on the same page with customers.

Benefits for your business

Enhance customer self-service
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Optimize business processes
Process claims faster
Eliminate human factor
Reduce manual work
Ensure excellent customer experience

Why RiskVille?

No hidden costs

All we need to know to quote a guaranteed license cost
is the number of users.

Fast Implementation

New captives or product-lines can be implemented in a few days

Customization without developers

Customizable options at no additional cost

Secure and compliant

Hosted on the safe and secure Microsoft Azure platform;
GDPR compliant

Get timely information.
Get rid of paperwork.
Get living.

Be flexible with RiskVille, satisfy operational demands and respond to reporting requests from your parent company
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Our clients trust us

"Our competitors, other commercial carriers in this space, do everything by paper, fax, and scan. With RiskVille, our schools can go to the portal and do whatever they need using a single dropdown menu. The solution makes claims much easier for them"

Geoff Still,

TABS Insurance
Vice President Finance & Operations

RiskVille is helping us from meeting a prospect until signing and into handling day-to-day operations. It is so easy to understand that you don’t need training. If you can manage a Facebook account, you can manage RiskVille. This is the right system for us.
Software engineers from RiskVille can understand the business from the end-users’ perspective. I don’t look at them as a sort of service provider, I see them as a part of my team. It has only been a positive experience for me

Rasmus Dahlin,

TRUST Insurance
Chief Operating Officer

RiskVille’s team has provided great performance thus far. They have shown great flexibility and customer service has welcomed change by implementing additional features after discussing the needs of Arsenal. The one big thing we liked about RiskVille is their intuitive system and willingness to design a process specific to the unique needs of Arsenal Insurance Management.”

Dawn Wilson,

Arsenal Insurance
Management Policy and Form Manager

We are very happy with RiskVille and collaboration with the team. You hear our needs, adjust the system on the fly, and provide answers very quickly. The interface is intuitive, and I don't need much time to onboard new employees. RiskVille helps us reduce manual work, save our employees valuable time, and deliver high-level service to our customers.

Trine Hviid Larsen,


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